Jonathan Franklin
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Two Owls at Eton
Jonathan Franklin

1st September 2016 | Hardback | £12.99

“It all started one day late in April, when a friend rang me up to tell me he had a nest of tawny owls in his garden; would I like one?”

There aren’t many animals with an Etonian education, in fact Tawny owls Dee and Dum may be the only ones. Jonathan Franklin was just sixteen years old when he adopted the orphaned birds and brought them back to school with him, giving his house master only two days’ notice.

They trashed his room, caused him to be late to many classes and caused mayhem at every turn, yet Dum and Dee still managed to charm the entire faculty, to the extent of Franklin being sent food parcels from students and teachers alike. The school cat, famous for his mouse catching prowess, became an unlikely ally and meal provider.

First published in 1960 whilst Jonathan was still at school, Two Owls at Eton is wonderfully witty, brilliantly British and close enough to the rawness of nature to ignite a childlike sense of wonder in readers of any age.

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Serialised in the London Evening Standard in 1960, it was in its top-ten best sellers list for a fortnight.